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Hair care & styling

We're proud to stock a selection of Crazy Bull's hair products. We love their products because they're not only easy to work with and give a great finish but they're also easy to wash out, vegan friendly and aren't tested on animals.

If you have any questions on the most suitable product for your hair or style, we're more than happy to advise.


Crazy Bull bull blaster salt spray 275ml

Crazy Bull Bull Blaster Salt Spray 275ml

Looking for that lived-in look? Crazy Bull’s pre styling Bull Blaster Sea Salt Spray maximises volume with unstoppable texture!

Use alone or alongside other Crazy Bull products to create that fearless look you’re after.


Bull Blaster delivers a signature matte finish whilst bringing flat or fine hair back to life!

Easy to rinse, strong hold, matte finish, thickens hair, boosts curls.



  • Can be used in damp or dry hair for various texture effects.

  • Spray 4-6 times onto damp hair and work in with hands.

  • Acts as a pre-styler and when blow dried will provide volume or, use on dry hair for a “lived in” surfer look.

Crazy Bull cool bull tonic spray 275ml

Crazy Bull Cool Bull Tonic Spray 275ml

One of the latest editions to the Crazy Bull family, the Cool Bull Tonic is more than a hair spray!

Designed to take care of your hair and scalp, our daily menthol-infused cooling tonic hair spray brings your hair back to life. Infused with a natural panthenol and menthol blend to give your hair and scalp a zingy sensation.

Cool Bull Tonic Spray stimulates blood circulation in hair follicles which:

  • Reduces inflammation on head and scalp. 

  • Prevents ingrown hairs. 

  • Promotes healthy hair growth. 

  • Removes excess product and oil build up from your hair to allow thicker growth for easier styling.

The tonic is menthol infused so can also act as a soothing shaving tonic.


  • Spray 4-6 times into roots and scalp post-shower.

  • Alternatively, use on dry hair to rejuvenate freshness.

  • No need to rinse after use. Let it do its magic.

Clays & pastes

Crazy Bull bull blaster pomade 100ml

Crazy Bull Bull Blaster Pomade 100ml


This water-based pomade gives a modern take to the vintage pomade by getting rid of the greasy feeling and replacing it with a unique formula that allows you to conquer those classic styles, from slicked back sides to combed down locks.


Bull Blaster also works great on textured hair to lock in tighter curls and definition.


Simply use with or without a comb on wet or dry hair, Bull Blaster is the all-versatile pomade beast that can be used to create endless styles.


Formulated with vegetable glycerine, plant-based beeswax, and non-petroleum ingredients, this vegan-friendly product washes out with a breeze!

High shine, strong hold, easy to rinse.

Crazy Bull Clay Play 100ml

Crazy Bull Clay Play 100ml

Elevate your hair with the natural finish Clay Play styling clay!

If hairstyle definition is what you’re looking for, then you have found it! Clay Play is designed to produce noticeable layers without the high shine look.


Maintaining healthy hair, the absorptive volcanic ash clay base removes impurities, toxins, and the build-up of dead skin cells in the hair, leaving your hair looking fresher for longer.


Easy to rinse, medium hold.

Crazy Bull freaky mud clay 100ml

Crazy Bull Freaky Mud Clay 100ml

Looking for a high performing texture hair clay, without all the harmful chemicals?

Crazy Bull’s Freaky Mud strong hold texture clay is the answer! Especially formulated with bentonite clay which naturally fights against the impurities in your hair, this hair clay is suitable for a variety of hair styles, from; classic to modern, up or down, left to right, Freaky Mud will allow you to get your freak on.

The Bentonite clay in Freaky Mud, is a natural occurring mineral produced from volcanic sediments and contains over 70 trace minerals. It is one of the most effective and powerful healing clays commonly found in natural beauty products.


Easy to rinse, strong hold.

Crazy Bull MattMeUp paste 100ml

Crazy Bull MattMeUp Paste 100ml

Crazy Bull’s most popular MattMeUp hair texture paste sculpts with minimal effort!

Say goodbye to the days of greasy styling products with our alcohol-free, no oil or lotion paste.


Designed to give all-day hold without flaking or drying out your skin or scalp, you’ll find MattMeUp is easy to rinse and even easier to style. Use on damp or dry hair. 

Water soluble, matte finish, easy to rinse.

Crazy Bull play hard paste 100ml

Crazy Bull Play Hard Paste 100ml

Crazy Bull’s Play Hard Texture Matte Hair Paste keeps your locks looking fresher for longer, with unbeatable volume and vibrancy.

Perfect for all hair types, simply comb or apply to wet or dry hair to style. This water-based matte hair paste contains no oil, lotions, or alcohol to create a formula that is easy to rinse and holds your style no matter the occasion.


Designed for all day hold without flaking or drying out your scalp. 

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