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Jones the Barber are proud to stock and use a use a range of Dapper Dan hair and beard products. If you’re unsure on the best products to achieve your style - just ask.

All products are available to buy in the shop. Ask to see the full range.

A tin of Dapper Dan matt paste high hold low shine

Matt Paste - The original

100ml - £11.95

If you’re looking for one styling product to do it all, you won’t find a better or more versatile matt styler.

Whether it’s messy styles, partings or quiffs, this product will do it all!

Strong yet flexible hold with a smooth and easy application. Washes out easily.

Fragrance: Vintage cologne

A tin of Dapper Dan strong hold matt clay

Matt Clay

100ml - £11.95

For those messy looks with a strong hold. Dapper Dan Matt Clay offers a strong hold with a fantastic matt finish. This clay is soft and easy to apply and washes out first time, every time, guaranteed.

You won't find a better strong hold matt product.

When it comes to this clay, a little goes a long way, but for more hold and grip simply add more product. 

Fragrance: Smoked saffron and leather


Medium hold medium shine pomade

100ml - £11.95

A flexible pomade for those looking for a professional slick look with no greasiness or flakiness.

Water based, it offers the hold and shine of some other more waxy and greasy pomades but will wash out of your hair easily.

The Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade is versatile enough to be adapted to suit your chosen style. Use a small amount on dry hair for a natural shine or go with a little more pomade for that authentic 1930's look. 

This product will set your style in place all day but unlike many other water based pomades it will not harden too much. Deluxe Pomade can be re-combed at any point although we do recommend a wet comb be used to restyle with more ease.

Fragrance: Citrus and vanilla


Heavy hold pomade

100ml - £11.95

Perfectly balanced for all pomade lovers. Oil based and heavy yet water soluble due to being Petrolatum free.

This stuff offers superior hold and shine without the build up!

Washes out first time, every time! 

Fragrance: Liquorice and vanilla


Ultra matte super hold clay

100ml - £11.95

The Dapper Dan ultra matte super hold clay does exactly what it says on the tin.


Apply a little for immediate grip and hold combined with a long lasting, "ULTRA MATTE" finish.


The fragrance is sweet and subtle.

Fragrance: Notes of vanilla and raspberries

A bottle of Dapper Dan sea salt texturising spray

Sea salt texturising spray

200ml - £10.00

Dapper Dan sea salt spray can be used on its own or together with your favourite Dapper Dan Styling product.

To get a natural matte texture look, simply spray a small amount onto damp hair and leave to dry.

Alternatively, blow dry into your hair for a thicker look with volume and hold.

Fragrance: Classic sandalwood

A bottle of Dapper Dan ultra matte firm hold texture dust

Ultra matte texture dust

20g - £10.00

Water based and high hold, the new Dapper Dan Texture Dust offers a natural, dry texture and hold that lasts all day long.

It smells amazing, is easy to apply and washes out first time.

Fragrance: Citrus cologne

Two bottles of Dapper Dan premium beard oil

Premium beard oil

50ml - £19.50
15ml - £11.95

Dapper Dan beard oil uses a blend of essential oils. A few drops is all you need to soften and nourish your beard and skin.

Fragrance: Classic vanilla and tonka bean

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